Bicycle Safety Helmet Program

Every day in the United States, one child dies and 50 suffer permanent brain injuries from bicycle accidents. The statistics are dismal:

  • 99% of kids in the U.S. do not wear helmets when they ride bicycles.
  • 85% of head injuries to kids can be avoided if they wear helmets.
  • 33% of emergency room visits by children are for head injuries.

The Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District would like to reduce these statistics. Through the generous donation of a grant from the Rodeo Municipal Advisory Commission, the Fire District is able to offer bicycle helmets to residents of Rodeo and Hercules free to children under 14 years of age. The Fire District will continue its bicycle helmet program at its Open House’s which are held annually in October  at the Hercules Fire Station at 1680 Refugio Valley Road in Hercules. Residents must show proof-of-residency and each individual requesting a helmet must appear in person in order to be properly fitted.