Weed Abatement

Annually, throughout California, lives, homes and businesses are threatened, damaged or destroyed due to wildfire. Few communities are exempt from this danger, Rodeo-Hercules being no exception. In fact, the potential for major property loss was witnessed on July 10, 1995 when a small fire pushed by a strong wind grew to several acres threatening hundreds of homes on both sides of San Pablo Avenue in Hercules. With these facts in mind, the Fire District is urging you to begin now addressing fire hazards in the form of dry dead weeds, brush or trees which may develop on your property. The monumental task of keeping our community safe from wildfire can only be accomplished with your commitment and cooperation.

As in past years, the Fire District would like to take this opportunity to thank all property owners and homeowner associations for maintaining their property in the best possible manner to minimize the dangers of fire and fire spread. On several occasions in 1995 we experienced grass or brush fires, which could have developed into large damaging fires, had abatement or hazard removal precautions not be executed.